So, you are planning a professional corporate photoshoot. As the representation of your personal brand and your company, you and your staff will undoubtedly want to place your best foot forward by looking confident and professional in these photos. However, if you lack the knowledge to prepare for your upcoming photoshoot, fret not. Let us share several professional corporate photography tips to ensure you achieve the perfect result.

Tip #1: Know Your Brand

    A corporate photoshoot is not just about capturing your professional image. It is also a reflection of your personal branding. So, decide how you wish to be perceived by your target audience. Do you want to display a professional, stern image? Or would you prefer to showcase a more playful side? Having a sense of how you want to portray yourself is essential. Without adequate preparation, there is no guarantee that you can attain the results you want.

    Fortunately, there is a simple method to figure out how you want to be presented in your corporate photoshoot – think about your company vision or mission statement. After all, these photos should accurately reflect what your business stands for. Alternatively, you can gather a few sample shots from the internet as references and ask your photographer if it is possible to replicate them.

    Businessmen/ Women Posing for a Professional Photoshoot
    Woman Posing in Front of a Camera

    Tip #2: Practise Your Pose

      While it might feel awkward initially, practising how you want to pose in a mirror can be beneficial when it comes time to capture your corporate headshot. This way, you would already know how to position yourself and where your best side is during the photoshoot.

      If you wish to try out your poses at home beforehand, here are several effective pose practice tips to keep in mind. Remember, body language plays a significant role in conveying confidence. So, make an effort to keep your back straight and your chest out at all times. Simple tricks like pulling back your shoulders and slightly squinting your eyes can also drastically enhance your appearance.

      With that said, be as natural as possible. You can appear stiff and unnatural when you overdo your body language. The same applies to your smile; a genuine smile – teeth or no teeth – that emerges from light-hearted conversations is usually more approachable than one manufactured for the camera. So, why not strike up a friendly chat with your photographer or staff during the photoshoot?

      Tip #3: Ensure You Get Adequate Rest

        Ensure you get sufficient rest the day before your photoshoot, as your sleep quality can affect your mood. Besides, being well-rested will typically give you a better skin complexion, reduced puffiness, and brighter eyes. Getting ample rest will also minimise the appearance of fatigue, resulting in a fresher and more vibrant look in your photos. By arriving healthy and happy, you can achieve the optimal result!

        Tip #4: Check your grooming and attire

          Business portraits and corporate headshots tend to have a clean, neat look to them. Therefore, grooming should be your utmost priority when preparing for your photoshoot. You do not want your clothes to look wrinkled or have your hair covering your face in the photos, as that will give off an untidy, unprofessional image.

          Apart from general grooming, your dressing is also pivotal. So, ensure you choose the right attire. We recommend selecting more muted and solid colours for corporate photoshoots. Avoid suits or shirts with stripes or patterns, even subtle designs, as they might cause image distortion, otherwise known as moire. Additionally, your clothing should fit your body nicely, not too tight or loose, so that you look prim and proper.

          Meanwhile, coordinate with your staff on how and what they should wear for the group photoshoot to prevent individual attires from clashing. For example, an employee in a different coloured shirt than everyone else will stick out like a sore thumb in the photos.

          Women Choosing What to Wear

          We hope what we shared can help you adequately prepare for your corporate photoshoot. While we can understand your desire to come off as professional, keeping an open mind and embracing a relaxed attitude during the shoot does more to help your photos turn out great!

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